Chief Executive Officer:

April 1st 2020 marks the official start of the Bishop Bewick Catholic Education Trust. 


This new Trust has been formed from what began as the Sacred Heart Partnership of Schools in 2017, operating as a Catholic Trust of three schools, very successfully indeed.  In October 2019, the Catholic Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle asked us to expand to include another 36 schools from across the North of Tyne region, within our Trust.  To recognise this next stage of our evolution, we were asked to rename the Trust as Bishop Bewick Catholic Education Trust.  We are founded on clear principles, to educate the whole child, to ensure every child in our care has an excellent education and to work together to improve opportunities for all our children to succeed and be happy.  All of our schools maintain their individuality, uniqueness and a great deal of autonomy.  However, we are bound together by our desire to ensure that all our schools are supported to become the best that they can be, so that we improve the life chances for all children in our region.  Everyone in the Trust is very excited that over time we will grow to a partnership of 39 North East schools,  as we recognise that each new school joining us will bring with them skills, strengths and talents that can further enhance the work we do.


Anita Bath

Chief Executive Officer

Bishop Bewick Catholic Education Trust